Most Real Estate agents we spoke to wanted 3% or 2.5% to sell our house. LowCommissionRealEstate.ca offered 1% and we didn’t have to negotiate with them.
Jeremy & Nancy, Mississauga
It really was a great experience. Start to finish our agent was knowledgable, professional and friendly.
Bob, Markham
I was impressed that a Real Estate agent was willing to come out to our home, for a free consultation, there was no pressure, and he provided us with an evaluation of our house.
Evan & Barb, Toronto
1% for a full service, reputable Real Estate agent when everyone else is charging 2.5% or more…for my wife and I, it really was a “No Brainer”.
Tom, Brampton
I just wanted to thank you for doing an excellent job, I will definitely be using you again in the future.
Ron, Mississauga
We just wanted to take a moment to genuinely thank you for a great presentation.
Michael & Sophia
You welcomed even the hardest questions, and responded in an honest and straightforward manner. I have nothing but positive feedback about the experience and your support.
Sandra, North York
I just wanted to thank you for the phenominal job you did…you were gracious, patient and very articulate in the way your explained the services. We appreciated it.
Alice & John, Burlington