When selling your house on the open market any capital saved by switching to a discount real estate agent in Toronto will move directly into your bottom line. Low commission real estate in Toronto offers the same services and benefits you would expect from a full priced agent charging 2.5%.

The low commissions Realtors in Toronto offer an extensive package of services and benefits, which you would expect when choosing a high commission agent. They have excelled in the industry because they are able to offer the same services in the one percent commission real estate field. By having a strong network of industry experts (mortgage brokers, professional stagers, and home inspection agents) and market research, they are able to determine the optimal selling point for your house to ensure you receive the highest possible price.

For 1% commission real estate in Toronto, you should be provided a personalized marketing plan for selling your house. We would enjoy the opportunity to work with you to develop and execute the marketing plan that best suits your specific situation. With a strong understanding of the Toronto real estate market, our low commission Realtors will quickly create a professional listing that will generate interest in your house today. We always give full services to all our clients for a low commission rate of 1%.

The MLS listing is one the most valuable tools when selling your house. Most low commission real estate agents in Toronto offer this great listing as part of their complete service package. The website works magnificently because real estate agents use it almost exclusively when finding houses for buyers.

If you’re searching for friendly low commission real estate agents in Toronto, we would be more than happy to assist you in the selling of your home today. Please give us a call today to learn more!