When deciding to switch from 2.5% to 1% commission real estate in Oakville, you are probably unaware that low commission real estate agents in Oakville often provide the same features and benefits you would receive when using a full price realtor. A low commission realtor should have the knowledge-based background, experience and most of all, a proven track record that is necessary to sell your home for its optimal value. The capital you save from choosing a low commission real estate agent in Oakville will help you keep more money in your pocket!

By choosing low commission real estate in Oakville, you should receive the same professional listings, open houses, and market analysis you would expect from a full price realtor as well as a strong network of real estate professionals and buyers to call upon. By having strong relationships with mortgage brokers, staging experts, and home inspection agents, interior designers, professional photographers and videographers, the right agent can ensure your home is sold fast and efficiently.

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By choosing a low commission real estate agent in Oakville, you receive the same benefits and expert knowledge you would expect when using an expensive representative. Our streamlined processes and large network of professionals provides us with the opportunity to sell your home at the top price, while saving you money on the commissions.

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